A Sweetly Inspired Café… Mongolian-Style!

My brother and I share the same philosophy that there are loads of great foods out there just waiting to be devoured.  It has become ritual every Sunday that we eat out as a family with my brother and me shouldering the expenses.  So naturally we would scour the metro for the ideal destination of culinary masterpieces.  As fond we are of the undying food court and fast-food delivery, there comes a time wherein your taste buds quiver for something different.

Along the stretch of Katipunan Avenue, we discovered it.  The haven of the best Mongolian feast I have ever sunk my teeth in so far, which coincidentally shares the same name as my LJ blog—Sweet Inspirations!  The establishment functions as a restaurant, café, bakeshop and catering company all rolled into one.  It has successfully been in business for the past 22 years, making it one of the oldest long-standing establishments along the avenue which is no minor feat considering the strip has been dominated by known giants in the food chain industry.

Picture from Cafesweet.com

The café itself is a quaint little store that sits just across the Ateneo.  It has a cozy ambience that quickly puts you in a relaxing mood, and accommodating attendants that are quick to answer your call.  It has its own WiFi zone, which I could say is debatable seeing that I wasn’t able to connect to it at all despite the use of their password.  Really slow connection… But, in the words of a wise philosopher whose name has been lost in antiquity: “The internet does not an establishment make—except if it’s an internet cafe. The cakes and pastries all look scrumptious, and I have often purchased them as presents and souvenirs which have never gone to waste.  I admit that I have not tasted their ala carte menu, mainly because I am a fan of their Mongolian Buffet, and that is my true reason to ever enter this cute little house of bricks.

From a variety of ingredients, 35 to be exact, ranging from tofu to ginger, and its exquisite sauces, and free choices of meat, fish and poultry, you are at full liberty to pick what goes in your bowl.  The ingredients are all raw, of course.  That’s the beauty of it.  You choose your meal—get creative in its contents, and then mix the sauces that are suited to your taste.  All the chefs have to do is cook it to perfection.  If you’re uneasy on how to get the appropriate mix of flavors, there are a couple of cheat sheets on display—teaching you how many teaspoons of lemon water should be used or how much corn oil you want mixing in with the pork fat.

Picture from Cafesweet.com

 Sky’s the limit on the amount of beef, pork, chicken—oh you get it!  I personally add extra garlic in my bowl to really give it that rich flavor.  If you’re a first-timer to this type of buffet, you might want to stick with the recipe.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.  I’m a fan of spicy things, you see.  So I added a lot of chili peppers and added more Spicy than I did Sweet.  Little did I know the consequences would be severe…  Just like any other buffet, they have a No-Left-Over’s policy so I had to force that blazing inferno down my throat.  Good thing we had “bottom-less” iced tea—something every restaurant should have!  Afterwards, I learned my lesson and followed each recipe by the letter.  I always bore in mind that the best way to combat the spiciness is to add a little sweetness to balance the meal.

Café Sweet Inspirations is the destination for Mongolian lovers.  All ingredients are kept fresh and food is served right off the pan.  It goes at Php 320 which may seem a bit pricey, and understandably so.  However, I still highly recommend this.  It is a good place for simple gatherings, small parties and special occasions.  It is a dining experience that aims to satisfy your hunger.

Picture from Cafesweet.com

 Café Sweet Inspirations is located at 311 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (right across Ateneo).  For more details and inquiries, please visit their website at: http://cafesweet.com/